Then you are of course also curious how you can approach this in the best way. Do you keep the layout as the previous residents had already done or as you had yourself before? Or do you completely change tack and start all over again?

There is an incredible amount to consider when rearranging and furnishing the living room. Because how do you do this as practical and attractive as possible? Nowadays it is very difficult to take everything into account. After all, the living room has many different functions in most cases.

This is used as a workspace, reading room, play area and of course also as a place to receive friends and family. When one room has many different functions, it becomes a lot more difficult to properly divide the space. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can tackle this. In this article we give some useful tips for a smart layout of the living room on the Italian site of

Have furniture made to measure

Not every home has plenty of space. Sometimes you have to row with the oars you have. Fortunately, there are also plenty of options in small homes. However, it is wise to investigate the possibility of having furniture made to measure. That way you can make the house entirely according to your own wishes and arrange it exactly as you want. For example, with custom TV furniture you have already tackled one large piece of furniture, without having to change the entire layout. You simply let the piece of furniture fit into the space.

Before you can start dividing the space, it is important to measure the space completely. Carefully consider which pieces of furniture are essential and where they should be placed. Then you can play around with the sizes to get a nicer layout.

Make use of newspapers

It is sometimes difficult to estimate in advance what a particular layout will look like. Especially when the room is still completely empty. That is why it is good to play with newspapers or boxes to try out your layout in real life. Also use the actual dimensions of the furniture. That way you get a clear picture of what the room will look like in the future. This also allows you to discover small errors faster. For example, when there is not enough walking space left on this part of your Italian house.

Use a room divider

One of the biggest problems encountered in the living room is the fact that this space can be used for many different functions. That is why it can be smart to work with a room divider. This is used to divide the space according to function. In this way you demarcate a small part of the space, without it being completely closed. This allows you, for example, to easily create your own corner for the children or a quiet workplace for yourself. Each has its own place, but still close to each other.